Team Building Party

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Team Building Party at Carefree Colors

Book Our Studio For A Creative Team Building Class

Team Building Classes

Painting Classes Are A Great Way to Unlock Your Team’s Creative Side

Do you have a group of people who need an afternoon away from the office? Do you need to help your team unlock their creative thinking skills? Do you want to have some fun while you’re doing it? Do you just want to make a mess?

A Carefree Colors Team Building Party can help with all of those needs.

At a Carefree Colors Teambuilding Painting class we are all about unlocking the creative potential of your team. We will provide you with studio space, canvas, brushes, paint, and even a little Carefree Whimsy™. You provide a group of co-workers, some snacks, and work appropriate beverages. Or you can bring work inappropriate beverages. We won’t tell if you don’t.

After about 2 hours everyone gets to walk away with two things. First, a painting they created with their own hands. Second, the knowledge that they have a creative artist hiding behind their conservative work persona.

What time works best for you?

Teambuilding events certainly classify as special events so give us a call to set up a time that works especially well for you and your group.

Contact us to set up your private party!