Carefree Colors FAQ

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Carefree Colors FAQ

What You Need To Know…

Carefree Colors FAQ

So, You Want To Have Fun Painting?

Carefree Colors FAQ

Answers to our most popular questions

Where are you?

We are located on the northwest corner of Parker and Alma. We are a little tricky to spot, but you will find us down the side of the building with Hirsch’s Meats.

Check out the map on our Contact Page

What painting will we be doing?

Everyone will be painting something different, we have tons of pictures to choose from, or feel free to bring one in with you, we always love new ideas!

What should I wear?

While we would love to see everyone in their formal gowns and tuxes, we are a paint studio, so wear something you wouldn’t mind getting paint on and that you can relax in. We do provide aprons, but accidents can happen.

Can I bring my kids to the BYOB classes?

This is intended to be an adults class, there will be people drinking. While teenagers are welcome, we prefer that the younger kids not attend.We do have family classes that you can participate in as a family if you would prefer, these are much easier with the younger kiddos.

Take a look at our Family Friendly Classes.

What are your hours?

We have regularly scheduled classes on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, with family classes scheduled on Saturday afternoons. If you would like a party at another time we will definitely try and accommodate, just ask! You only need 8 people for a private party.

I can’t even draw a stick figure, how can I paint a picture?

Well we won’t make you draw a stick figure, so it’s okay, but you will be amazed at how well you CAN paint your very own masterpiece.

What should I bring with me?

Bring anything you would like to drink and snack on. We have cups and bottle openers. We provide all painting supplies!

How do I pay? What if I have a coupon/voucher?

You pay when you arrive to paint, we accept cash, credit, or checks. If you have a coupon or voucher just bring it with you and we will take care of it.

Why won’t my groupon code work? It is still showing full price.

Your groupon code will not reflect a change in pricing. Bring the groupon with you on paper or your phone and we will redeem it when you get here.